How many reps for a bench press?

How many reps for a bench press?

How many reps for a bench press?

With so many workout out programs out there all suggesting a different number of sets and reps for your work out it can be difficult to know what the optimum ratio is. You could just ask your gym buddy what they think or follow the latest instagram trend but really like so much in fitness it depends on your goals. This article sets it all out for you below.

How many reps for maximum muscle growth?

If you’re training for maximum muscle growth, which is also called hypertrophy, then you should be choosing a load you can lift 8 – 12 times before you reach the point of failure. This means by the twelfth rep you should be on the point of not being able to lift any more, rather than just stopping because you got to 12.

If you’ve still got more in the tank when you reach rep 12, you need to pick a heavier weight. Likewise if you get to rep 6 or even 7 and you can’t push it for that last rep then you need to choose a slightly lighter weight and get a good 8 – 12 reps in. Don’t neglect your form though, if you’re not using good form no matter how many reps or what load you can lift you’re compromising your body’s ability for muscle growth.

How many reps if you’re training for strength?

If you’re training for strength and the pure pleasure of lifting super heavy then 1- 6 reps is your target. Although you’re increasing strength any time you lift weights, 1 – 6 is the optimum range for building strength and the choice for powerlifters all around the world. When training for a competition power lifters usually start at the higher end of the rep target and start lifting heavier loads with fewer reps the closer it comes to the competition, doing 5 and then 3 and finally just 1 rep.

They also take long breaks of 3 to 5 minutes between sets to allow the muscles to recover. You would do well to follow their example as training for strength is a high risk of injury and muscle and joint damage so adequate rest is a must.

How many reps if your training for endurance?

If you don’t want to grow your muscles and you aren’t looking to increase your strength but need to make sure you can do the same repetitive motion, in this case lifting over and over, then you need to train for endurance. This less popular scenario needs lighter weights with reps 15 to 20 reps of more on each set to train your muscles.

How many reps should you bench press?

Like so much in fitness how many reps you should bench press depends on your goal, if you want to see muscle growth then its 8 – 12. If you want to increase your strength then you should be doing 1 – 6 and cycling through only going close to 1 rep max over a period of time and if you want endurance then 15 – 20 is your target.

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