how much can Stephen Curry bench press?

How much does Stephen Curry Bench Press?

How much does Stephen Curry Bench Press?

Stephen Curry can bench 185 pounds for 10 reps.

Golden state warriors point guard Stephen, Steph, Curry stands at 6 feet 3 inches and weighs in around 190 pounds, but how much can this exemplary athlete actually bench press? The answer is much more than you think reportedly 185 pounds for 10 reps.

How does Stephen Curry train beside practising bench press?

Thanks to his slender frame, Steph Curry has had to build up immense core strength to keep him active on the court, and despite injuries , maintain his position as a reliable top scorer. As well as actually bench pressing to improve his bench press weight he also concentrates on increasing both strength and agility.

He does this some times through vin yasa sessions and by generally following its principles. An example of this would be the single leg airplane used to improve strength in the hips and general balance. He also spends time perfecting his deadlift.

How much can Stephen Curry Deadlift?

Steph curry can deadlift a mind boggling 400lbs, literally over twice his own body weight which is beyond impressive. He used deadlifts to strengthen his glutes and hips which helped to take the pressure off his ankles after he suffered 17 ankle injuries and having to have surgery to correct the issues. It looks like learning to lift heavy and deadlift has gone a long way to saving his NBA career.

How much can Stephen Curry Bench press on video?

Curry doesn’t appear to be too keen on getting filmed whilst working out so you’ll struggle to find a video of him actually carrying out the bench press. In this YouTube video Cash Nasty films himself trying to out bench press Steph Curry. The video shows the official stats which put Steph Curry’s bench press at 185 lbs.

How Does Stephen Curry workout at home?

During the 2020 coronavirus lockdown, Steph Curry like all the NBA stars and much of the rest of the world had to stay home but how did Steph Curry stay in shape during this time? Personal trainer Brandon Payne posted about Steph Curry working outside at his home on his strength and lifting in an outdoors weights area. Curry’s wife Ayesha Curry posted on instagram showing his weights and bench press set up so no doubt Steph Curry has been working towards keeping that 185 pounds bench press achievable.

What else does Stephen Curry do to keep in good shape?

In addition to his strength training focusing on deadlifts and bench press Steph Curry also focuses on weighted lunges to improve his lower body strength as well as shooting drills and hand eye coordination drills to keep his sharp ball skills on point. Curry also eats an organic diet starting the day with one of his wife’s smoothies and making sure each meal contains a vegetable, a lean protein and a healthy starch.

So how much can Steph Curry bench press?

Steph Curry can bench press an impressive 185 pounds despite his willowy frame thanks to a regime of strength training, core strength and clean eating.

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