How much would a gorilla bench press?

How much would a gorilla bench press?

How much would a gorilla bench press?

A gorilla would potentially bench press 1800 pounds (800 KG) if we assume that the average human can bench press their body weight, and the average gorilla is about 300 pounds. We say that range because age, gender, nutrition, and tons of other factors could dramatically change that overall value of the gorilla’s bench press.

In this article we’ll be looking at how strong gorillas actually are and hopefully determine which one would have the strongest bench press.

Gorilla Bench Press Strength: How did we arrive at 1800 lbs?

There are several reasons that led us to believe that a gorilla can bench press 1800 lbs.

The main reason for this is that there are recorded experiments which compare the strength of gorillas to that of an average human. In most of the data, gorillas are typically four to ten times stronger than a human. When looking at upper body strength, gorillas are typically 6 times stronger than humans.

Going back to our previous point in the intro, if a human can bench press their own body weight, a gorilla would be able to theoretically bench press 6 times their own body weight. If a gorilla weighs 300 lbs that takes us to a number of 1800 lbs.

To give you an idea of how much that is, it is the typical weight of a U-Haul trailer.

A real life example of gorillas exerting power is that they have been seen to tear down banana trees and even bend iron bars.

Would a Silverback Gorilla have the strongest bench press?

Yes, probably. The silverback gorilla is the heaviest species of wild gorilla in the world. One silverback in Ambam, Cameroon has been recorded at weighing 589 lbs (267 KG) and having the height of 6 feet.

On average silverback gorillas weigh between 136 to 195 KG, so to be at this weight, this must’ve an incredible powerful beast with an incredible bench press. Possibly far stronger than the four to ten times stronger than human figure we mentioned before.

Would a Lowland Gorilla have the weakest bench press?

Potentially. The western Lowland Gorilla is the smallest species of gorilla so it may have the weakest bench press.

Nothing is stronger than the silverback gorilla according to our research, but there is plenty that may be stronger than the western lowland gorilla.

Easter Gorillas and Mountain Gorillas both have the size advantage on a Lowland Gorilla and would potentially have a stronger bench press.

Summary: So, how much would a gorilla bench press?

A gorilla could potentially bench press up to 1800 lbs. However it most likely depends on the type of gorilla. As there are different breeds and subspecies, it makes the most sense that the silverback gorilla would be the one to bench 1800 lbs.

There are other gorillas out there, but they may not hit the mark as well – although they still would also have impressive bench presses.

We believe the order of the strongest gorilla bench presses would go silverback gorilla, mountain gorilla, eastern gorilla, and then lowland gorilla.

Nevertheless, they would all have incredibly high bench press results, which would absolutely dwarf that of a human.

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