How to pop your pecs

How to Pop Your Pecs

How to pop your pecs?

Popping with your chest requires you to control your core. Suck in your lower stomach / diaphragm to push your upper chest out. Twitch your elbows closer to your sides which will flex your pecs and allow them to pop. The faster you do it, the stronger your hit will look.

So you keep doing a flat bench press, building up strength in you chest muscles and feeling proud each time you increase your max load, you’re eating right for your goals but somehow you just can’t seem to make your pecs pop, well this article will help to guide you down the right path to get the results you desire.

What are your pecs that you pop?

Your pecs are more properly known as pectoral muscles they are the muscles which connect the chest with the upper arm and shoulder. They are comprised of three different pectoral muscles, the pectoral major which makes up the main bulk of chest muscle and is used to flex and extend the upper arm. The pectoral minor is a thin layer of muscle over the pectoral major which is used for the same thing and the pectoral fascia is a further thin layer of muscle used to assist in extension of the back.

What exercises make your pecs pop?

Men’s health suggests that the three top exercises to really enhance those pecs are incline barbell press, flat dumbbell fly into a hex press and bodyweight chest dip, let’s look at each in turn to see why they are recommended.

Incline barbell press, rather than a flat bench press the angle of an incline barbell or dumbbell chest press hits the upper chest, a part which is more difficult to activate using the flat bench press.

Flat dumbbell fly into a hex press , because it opens the chest on the fly part before going in to full contraction on the hex press it shocks the muscles and leads to greater strength and size.

Bodyweight chest dip, this method has been called the pull up of the pecs, because it starts with the tension in your triceps and ends with it in your pecs, so its perfect for that extra pec growth your looking for.

What else can you do to make your pecs pop?

In addition to the exercises above, there are some different ways of training which are credited for really adding to the popping power of your pecs. Firstly instability training, which means lifting weights on an exercise ball or on one leg to really force you to concentrate on those contractions.

The second top tip for pecs that pop is to try partial reps, instead of carrying out every rep to its fullest extension try stopping part way through the exercise and see how much your strength and exhaustion increases. The final tip is to do explosive reps to activate your fast twitch muscle fibres and help pop your pecs that way.

Summary: How to pop your pecs

There are a range of different exercises you can do to pop your pecs a few of them are listed above, but the biggest factor seems to be in shocking your muscles, Ben doing exercises art different angles like in the incline chest press or by doing partial reps to keep your pecs under tension for longer.

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