Paul Pardner

Paul Pardner

Paul Pardner is the editor of and writes the majority of the website’s content.

He is known for his keen interest in bench press, the variations of the exercise and ways to improve it through as many methods as possible.

Paul Pardner graduated Rutgers University in 2016 and majored in Exercise Science. He has been a freelance journalist for nearly four years.

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Early Life of Paul Pardner

Paul Pardner was born in 1993 and raised in Newark, New Jersey in the United States. His father was a pharmacist and his mother was a teacher.

Growing up, Paul had an active childhood, training in a lot of soccer, tennis and any other high-cardio or endurance sports he could find.

He enjoyed them, and excelled in them to some degree, but didn’t really have the desire to explore them and take them further, until he found weightlifting in his teenage years.

After discovering weightlifting at 16, Paul Pardner became obsessed with the lifestyle. Protein powders, 6 meals a day, rigorous stretching – if it was being talked about, Paul would try it.

The thing he loved most about the hobby is that, unlike soccer, or the other sports he had played while he was younger – he could measure absolutely everything, all the lifts were just data on a piece of paper which could be tinkered with an improved.

Paul Pardner & His Love of Lifting

After a few years of learning the basics in weight lifting – Paul began his own experiments. He was logging all of his lifts, from every session – and doing his best to improve them on a daily basis.

If he couldn’t lift a heavier weight – he was lifting an extra rep. Everything Paul did was a progressive overload to make sure any session was not weaker than the last.

When it comes to the gym, his favorite exercise was, and still is the bench press. It’s a strong compound movement that demands complete control and focus to pull off properly, and it does wonders for your upper body.

Paul found that he could dramatically boost his bench press results by working out under serious Russian powerlifting programs. Smolov Jr is one of the options that he had the most success with.

This also led him to win several local competitions and powerlifting meets in a few of the gyms in his area.

Paul Pardner, University and Freelancing

As he got older, Paul wanted to expand on his research and on his lifting. He began attending Rutgers University in 2012 with a focus on exercise science.

There he could add a more academic flavor to his work, and expand on the research he was already doing.

This gave Paul a lot more theory to add to his weightlifting and dramatically expand on the work that he is doing, and potentially start making a living out of it.

After he graduated from Rutgers University in 2016, Paul went straight into freelancing. Writing for numerous fitness websites and sports magazines. There he could really show his abilities and teach the world about what he had learned and how other people could improve their overall lifts.

Paul Pardner and the Future

In between freelancing jobs Paul Pardner works as editor and writer of There he puts together all the information he’s been wanting to write about but couldn’t elsewhere.

In the future, he’s looking to expand the site and make it a resource for those who want to learn everything there is to know about Bench Press, Powerlifting, and in the future Squat and Deadlift.

If you want to request an article from Paul, or know more about the site, you can use this contact form to get in touch.

Or you can email him at