What does Nugenix GH Boost do?

What does Nugenix GH Boost Do?

What does Nugenix GH Boost do?

Nugenix GH Boost is an all natural supplement which has been formulated to help your body increase it’s own production and release of human growth hormone. Through a combination of ingredients in the Nugenix GH Boost formula it has claims to promote human growth hormone without containing any actual growth hormone.

If you’re interested, you can read our full Nugenix review here. However, if you want to know more about what Nugenix GH Boost can do, read on in this article to further discuss the benefits and disadvantages of this human growth hormone supplement.

What benefits does Nugenix GH Boost do?

To know exactly what Nugenix GH Boost does, you need to be looking at the ingredients. The ingredients for Nugenix GH Boost are as follows:

  • Gamma Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) – 3000 mg
  • L-Glutamine – 2000 mg
  • L-Lysine (as L-Lysine Hydrochloride) – 1500 mg
  • L-Arginine (from L-Arginine Pyroglutamate) – 1500 mg
  • L-Ornithine (from L-Ornithine Hydrochloride) – 400 mg
  • Glycine – 100 mg
  • Mucuna Pruriens Extract (seed) (40% L-DOPA) – 50 mg
  • Alpha-Glycerylphosphorylcholine – 25 mg

So, what are the advantages of these ingredients in Nugenix GH Boost?

GABA has links to promoting growth hormone when taken in 3000 mg servings – which is the same dosage which is in Nugenix GH-Boost, which is a good sign.

Likewise the Mucuna Pruriens have been seen to help improve your overall levels of dopamine and reduce your levels of the stress hormone cortisol. In doing so, it can help create a better hormonal environment for both your testosterone and human growth hormone levels to rise.

There are some links to the amino acids in Nugenix GH Boost helping with human growth hormone levels, but there is not nearly enough evidence to make a decent claim. L-Arginine is the closest – but more research is needed.

What disadvantages does Nugenix GH Boost do?

A lot of the ingredients in Nugenix GH Boost lack sufficient evidence to show that they promote growth hormone.

Not only that, some of the amino acids in Nugenix GH Boost has been linked to causing side effects. Namely, the L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, L-Lysine and Glycine.

L-Arginine has links to causing nausea, low blood pressure, cramps and diarrhea. Whereas L-Glutamine goes in the other direction and has links to causing constipation. It can still also cause nausea and stomach pains.

L-Lysine has also been seen to cause stomach pains and diarrhea when taken continuously.

Finally, Glycine has been seen to work as a stool softener, but may also cause nausea, vomiting and general gastrointestinal distress.

What do the instructions for Nugenix GH-Boost suggest you do?

To consume Nugenix GH Boost, you are recommended to mix one packet of this supplement in 8 fluid ounces of water and drink an entire serving on an empty stomach before you go to bed.

This may be when your testosterone levels and growth hormones are more active, overnight when you’re sleeping. In doing so, it may help you to get more benefit out of these hormones.

Ideally, we’d be looking for a testosterone booster you can take numerous times a day to keep your testosterone levels on the rise, for example once in the morning and once in the evening.

This may help improve Nugenix GH Boost.

So, what exactly does Nugenix GH Boost do?

Nugenix GH Boost is a supplement which claims to raise your levels of human growth hormone. It has a range of ingredients which they claim help in doing this.

However, we believe only handful of them will really help here – namely the GABA, Mucuna Pruriens and potentially the L-Arginine.

Even after those ingredients a lot of the other amino acids in here have been linked to causing side effects with continued use. We don’t think this is your best option out there for raising growth hormone and testosterone – especially with that high price tag of $79.99.

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