How heavy is a bench press bar?

How heavy is a bench press bar?

How heavy is a bench press bar?

A standard barbell bar weighs in at 45 pounds before any weights are added to it. Although there is a lighter alternative weighing in at 33 pounds which is smaller in diameter, most gyms will have both in their weights room so it’s important to check which bar you’re using before you lift. Don’t forget you add the weight of the bar to the weight of your plates to determine the total load you’ve lifted. An instant 33lb to 45lb added on to your maximum lift straight without even trying.

How to tell which bench press bar your using?

It’s important to know why type of bar you are using as its not only their weight which differs, but also the amount of weight you can load on to them and the type of weights you will need to use.
Well the easiest way is to ask the staff at the gym, they will be able to tell you and will likely admire your curiosity. However if your too shy or your gym staff aren’t around then there are some tell tale signs.

What are the features of an Olympic bench press bar?

Olympic bars are usually 7 feet long and weigh in at a standard 45lb, they are 2 inches in diameter and are more likely to have knurling ( the technical name for the criss cross pattern ) on the outer parts of the bar. This type of bar is more sturdy and can take a load up to 600lb (1200 for a competition bar) and needs plates which fit it’s 2 inch diameter bar.

What are the features of a standard bench press bar?

Standard bars are usually 5 or 6 feel in length and only weigh around 33lbs although come also weigh in at 45lb like their olympic counter parts. They are designed for smaller hands and usually are around 1 inch in diameter. They can sometimes have the knurling common to an olympic bar, dependent on the brand, but more typically will feature a totally smooth bar. This type of bar can take smaller plates, with a 1 inch diameter hole and are rated for less weight.

Are their any other types of bench press bar?

There are 2 other types of bar worthy of a mention when it comes to determining the weight of a bench press bar. The Swiss bar, is bench press bar with an open rectangle shape in the center of the bar, it can be used for all kinds of lifts and presses not just a bench press and weighs in at 35lbs. In 2018 a new type of bar called the axle was introduced by the American council on exercise, this bar can take standard Olympic weight plates and was introduced for its portability so it only weights 11lbs.

How heavy is a bench press bar?

A standard or olympic bench press bar is likely to weight 45lb, but a lighter version could be 33lb. If it has a open rectangle in the center then it’s likely to weigh 33lb and if its the newly introduced Axle bar then only 11lbs.

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