How much can Vince Wilfork Bench Press?

How much can Vince Wilfork Bench press?

How much can Vince Wilfork Bench press?

Vince Willfork can bench press 225 pounds for 36 reps as reported by the NFL Combine.

Retired NFL defensive tackle of New England Patriots Fame, Vince Wilfork hit 36 reps for 225lb bench press in the NFL Combine. The 325 pound NFL darling could also record squats of 505lbs showing a good all round level of strength for size. He also once flipped an overturned SUV back over to help remove a trapped driver on the way home from the Patriots AFC championship game in 2014 showing its not just the standard NFL 225lbs he can lift but much more.

How does Vince Wilfork train for bench press?

It seems he never really did, he credited his fantastic disruptive plays to his raw strength and size, don’t forget this guy was 325 pounds and so any tackle from him would be sure to pack a punch. It seems that Vince Wilfork rarely hit the weights room outside the NFL Combine and credited his fitness and strength to swimming, just swimming lengths at his local pool to increase his shoulder muscles and lung capacity. Imagine how many reps he could have managed or what weight he could lift if he’d actually been one for pumping the iron.

Does Vince Wilfork train for his body strength?

Vince Wilfork is a big guy and he himself says he has a big belly, but don’t let that fool you and detract from his strength and power. After completing the cover photo for Body Issue back in 2016, he says in the interview that the rest of him is strong and tones.

The photo shows his muscular strong upper body, chest shoulders and arms and his equally powerful strong thighs and calves. He says in this interview that this is all natural, he claims he doesn’t actually need to go to the gym to get the body others strive so hard for as it just comes naturally to him, belly aside of course.

Does Vince Wilfork have body confidence?

The video shows Vince Wilfork and his wife Bianca who is never far from his side as they discuss The infamous Body Issue shoot and how he doesn’t care about not having a six park. He admits that he hates it when people stop and stare at him ion the street for his sheer size and says if they don’t know he plays football then he tells them he’s a gynaecologist. He also tells of his impressive running speed achieving 4.8 seconds in the 40 yard dash.

How much does Vince Wilfork bench press?

Despite not being a regular in the weights room 325lb former New England Patriots star Vince Wilfork can bench press 225 pounds for an impressive 36 reps. There won’t be many NFL players he’s tackled who would discount his immense strength but away from the field he has proven his strength too, most notably back in 2014 when he righted an over turned SUV to help rescue the driver on the way home from a game.

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