How much does Samaje Perine Bench Press?

How much does Samaje Perine bench press?

How much does Samaje Perine bench press?

Running back Samaje Perine can bench press 235 pounds, 30 times. He is credited as being one of the strongest players in the 2017 NFL Draft class if you measure it pound for pound. This 235 pound Cincinnati Bengals player is recorded as bench pressing 235 pounds for 30 reps in the NFL combine, although he says he could manage 35 reps back in his high school days with his max bench press being 365 pounds.

How does Samaje Perine train for bench press?

Despite his self confessed addiction to lifting weights Samaje Perine describes how he worked out just using his body weight when he didn’t have access to the gym daily on his breaks from Oklahoma university back in his home town of Plugerville, Texas.

Samaje Perine says he used a deck of cards to determine his workout. For example using clubs as pull ups, spades as sit ups, hearts as press ups and diamonds are burpees and the number of reps he needed to do was determined by the number on the card. He says he could get through a full deck of cards in around an hour and a half’s workout and credits doing this for keeping him fit during his university football career. It helped to keep his cardio as well as muscular strength in tip top condition.

How much can Samaje Perine bench press on video?

This video from stack posted in twitter during the 2017 NFL draft shows Samaje Perine lifting 365 pounds on the bench press. Despite being at the end of a gruelling workout Samaje Perine makes lifting this immense weight look like child’s play. He gets a good 4 or 5 reps in before his spotter takes the strain of the bar back to the stand.

What other feats of strength can Samaje Perine claim?

Not content with rushing more than 4000 yards by obliterating defenders who didn’t realise the strength that belied his physique. It seems Samaje Perine has carried out a couple of remarkable feats of strength.

His mother reports how he used to do pull ups from the second floor balcony at his house, clearly having such trust in his strength to ensure he wouldn’t fall whilst no doubt causing his mother fits of anxiety. In 2015 he also lifted up a smart car weighing around 1500 pounds to help a stranded motorist change a tyre and held it up long enough for her to actually change the tyre without a car jack.

What other strength stats does Samaje Perine have?

Oklahoma strength coach Jerry Schmidt who trained Samaje Perine reports that when he was at Oklahoma he could squat 540 pounds and power clean 380 pounds. Schmidt also increases the top Number for the load Samaje Perine could bench press putting that figure at 440 pounds. Some 40 pounds more than fellow Oklahoma alumni Adrian Peterson, the NFL hall of game favourite who left 7 years before Perine arrived at the school.

So how much can Samaje Perine bench press?

Regardless of whether you take his 30 reps at 225 pounds during the NFL draft combine in 2017, the video showing him bench pressing 4 reps.

At 365 pounds or his old Oklahoma coaches disclosure of his 440 pound bench press, Samaje Perine can bench press a whole lot of iron.

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