How to bench press a person?

How to Bench press a person?

How to bench press a person?

So you’ve built your bench press load up enough so that you can comfortably bench press the weight of a person, your significant other or gym buddy for example, and now you want to try to bench press them rather than a barbell? Can it be done safely? And what other factors do you need to consider? The article below sets it all out for you.

What are the first steps to bench press a person?

Firstly make sure you can easily bench the weight of your chosen person, not just a 1 or 3 rep max but easily to 15 plus reps, otherwise you won’t manage it. Secondly consider where you are going to do this bench press, remember you’re usually on a raised bench with barbell stands at either side, so you need to consider your positioning, a raised bench in a clear area would be a good starting point.

You need to put safety first, not just your own but that of your bench pressee, so have at least 1 or preferably 2 spotters around and check for any hazards your friend could hit if you drop them.

What else to consider when you bench press a person?

Once you’ve got the safety aspect sorted for you and your chosen person, there are other things you need to consider. Where on their body are you going to hold this person? The internet shows that the most popular way is for the person to be lying face up with the underneath of their chest and bum in your hands.

Once you’ve decided that you need to work out how the person is going to get in to that position, again YouTube suggests that you two spotters lift the person up and place them on to your hands when you’re ready in the bench press position.

What do they need to do when you’re bench pressing a person?

Apart from being fearless, and very comfortable with you having your hands all over them, you really need to select someone who is light, compact and has good muscle tone.

The person must hold their body completely firm and rigid when you go to lift them. Remember you’re used to lifting a solid iron bar, not a stick of warm plasticine, so if they don’t make themselves rigid then your going to struggle to lift them at all.

What will be different when you’re bench pressing a person?

When you lift a solid iron bar, not only is it solid but the weight is distributed evenly along the whole length of the bar. Plus bars remain still, whereas when people feel themselves falling the move to reassert their balance you need to be prepared for this.

Summary: How do you bench press a person?

Safety first, have a good clear area and 2 spotters, have the spotters lift the person in to your arms with you supporting their chest and bum. Pick a light person who has good muscle tone and can hold themselves rigid and expect that they will move and their weight will not be evenly distributed.

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