How much can Zion Williamson Bench Press?

How much can Zion Williamson Bench Press?

How much can Zion Williamson Bench Press?

It is estimated that Zion Williamson can bench press at least 285 pounds (130 Kilograms). Weighing 284 pounds and being seen repping 185 lbs with ease on the bench press, it is thought that Zion could bench press 285 pounds with his athletic build.

In this article, we look into more of what Zion Williamson can lift, and how effective he may be on the bench press, along with some speculations on how we think the NBA player may be able to perform in the NFL combine.

Zion Williamson Bench Press Combine

There is currently no data for how Zion Williamson would perform in the bench press of the NFL combine. However, this does not stop us from having some friendly speculation.

The NFL combine bench press is an event where the participant must do as many reps as possible of 225 pounds (roughly 102 kilograms) to test both their upper body strength and stamina.

Given how easy Zion can bench press 185 pounds, we believe that he would be able to perform at least 10 reps on the NFL Scouting Combine Bench Press.

Zion Williamson is a basketball player, and not a football player, we believe this bench press at the combine would be a more than acceptable result.

Zion Willaimson Bench Press on Video

Below appears to be the only video out there at the moment that records Zion Williamson’s bench press. Originally uploaded by Duke Basketball in October 2018, it shows Zion Williamson in the first minute repping 185 lbs like it’s nothing:

As you can see, he makes the 185 pound bench press look easy. We could easily see him take that up to 285 pounds before he started to struggle.

How strong is Zion Williamson?

Zion Williamson is incredibly strong. He has a 6 foot 6 inch frame and weighs 284 pounds – and he is still able to reach the rim during basketball games.

Biomechanists have studied Zion, and found that he actually requires significantly more power to reach the rim at his height and weight than Lebron James does (2513 Newtons VS 2111 Newtons) and significantly more than what Michael Jordan needed (2513 Newtons VS 1648 Newtons).

The video is really interesting, and although it doesn’t cover Zion Williamson’s bench press, it does put his strength into perspective.

For example, most Olympic jumpers are a similar height to Zion, but up to 100 pounds lighter than Zion: and both Zion and these athletes get a crazy amount of lift off the ground.

You can see the full video here, it’s a great video from ESPN:

How much does Zion Williamson Bench?

To summarize, we do not know the exact one rep max of Zion Williamson’s bench press, however we can speculate that it is somewhere in the area of 285 pounds.

As Zion Williamson is 284 pounds and we have seen video footage of him repping 185 pounds with relative ease, it would be a fair guess to assume that Zion can bench press at least 285 pounds – potentially even more.

Although that doesn’t mean we know what he can do in the NFL Combine bench press, we like to believe that Zion Williamson can do at least 10 reps.

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