How much does a bench press cost?

How much does a bench press cost?

How much does a bench press cost?

If you’re setting up a home gym or just thinking of adding to it you might be wondering how much a bench press actually costs, and what to look out for when purchasing a bench press. This article sets it out for you below.

How much can I expect to pay for a bench press?

The good news is, a bench press setup can cost you as much or as little as you have to spend as there are options to suit pretty much every budget. That said depending on your goal you may need to splash a bit of cash to get the right set up for you. You can expect to pay from around $60 for a starter bench press and up to $1200 for an olympic bench press.

What to look for when buying a starter bench press?

A good starter Bench press machine, will come features an adjustable bench for carrying out incline as well as standard bench presses. It should also comes with a barbell rack attached which offers multiple rack heights for greater flexibility.

Although some cheaper benches come without a rack or with a rash which doesn’t adjust , you’re likely to outgrow these much quicker or end up having to buy expensive add-ons to keep up with your training. Good quality starter benches have a max weight of up to 250lb so if your budget will only stretch to one of these then don’t lose heart, it should last most home enthusiasts through many stages of improvements.

Make sure you note the maximum weight and check if that includes the weight of the lifter or just the load as the way the maximum is presented does vary , and the last thing you want is an unsafe bench when trying to max out your presses.

What should I look for when buying an olympic bench press?

For those with more to spend on a home bench press, the olympic style presses could be for you, ranging in price themselves for a modest $300 all the way to $1200 there is a huge variety even within this category. They typically have all the the benefits of a starter press but there are differences you’ll notice.

The first is the quality of the bench itself, with the olympic presses looking much more robust and similar to what you see in a commercial gym. The second difference is the amount of weight it can take, experts recommend choosing a bench press with a maximum of 450 to 500lbs where possible to include your weight, the weight of your load and the weight of any extra muscle you may pack on after all your workouts.

In Summary: How much does a bench press cost?

This very much depends on what you want from your bench press and what you need its maximum load to be. You can pay from $60 for a basic starter bench right up to $1200 for a olympic style bench press and there are options for every budget in between.

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