How much can Tiger Woods Bench Press?

How much can Tiger Woods Bench Press?

How much can Tiger Woods bench press?

Tiger Woods bench press is reported to be 315 pounds. Tiger has been weight training since he was 21. He keeps his training very private and very few photos have ever been taken on him working out.

International gold superstar Tiger Woods is known for his legendary prowess on the golf course but after he’s finished his 18 holes and headed to the weights room how much can this golfer extraordinaire actually bench press?

According to fellow golfer Rory Mcllroy its actually 300 pounds and bulked up tiger Woods is the reasons many golfers credit for getting them interested in the weights room.

Why does Tiger Woods weight train?

Tiger Woods is quoted as saying he decided a long time ago that he needed to treat golf as a sport and train for it accordingly. He commits to two to three hour long focused sessions on, usually, six days of the week unless golf tournaments are looming.

Tiger Woods believes that working hard 5 or 6 days a week in the weights rom makes him a better athlete and being a better athlete makes him a better golfer. He credits the strength training with maintaining his posture and physical symmetry.

How many reps does Tiger Woods do on the Bench press?

Tiger woods undertakes high rep weight training doing 25 to 50 reps of each exercise with lighter weights to increase control, endurance and speed rather than heavier weights and lower reps to pack on the size favoured by body builders. Tiger Woods put special emphasis on upper body work for his back and shoulders due to playing in a hunched over position but also likes to bench press to shock the muscles and make him stronger.

How much can Tiger Woods bench press on video?

The video shows Tiger Woods doing a dumbbell bench press with a pair of 110 pound dumbbells and pressing them like they are nothing, showcasing his strength on this exercise even though he is more used to a high rep lower weight routine.

What does a typical Tiger Woods workout look like?

After focusing on stretching for around 40 minutes to keep his body supple he works on his core strength. Once he has done this he lifts weights for 2 hours each day incorporating unsupported back rows, cable crossovers bench press and a variety of other exercises focused on strengthening the back, shoulders and chest. He introduces variety to keep his muscles from becoming accustomed to the stimulus and makes sure he keeps them guessing.

Are there any exercises that Tiger Woods avoids?

In his younger golfing days Tiger Woods used to run around 8 miles per day, virtually every day and claims the running in excess of 30 miles a week for the first 5 or 6 years of his golfing career led to injuries.

Speaking in an interview with GolfTV tiger was asked what advice he would give to his younger self and he immediately said not to run so much. He elaborated by saying the it pretty much destroyed his body and knees leading to him needing knee surgery and having stress fractures in his tibias. He said he wished he had converted to lifting much earlier in his career.

So how much can Tiger Woods bench press?

Thanks to ditching his running and concentrating on his strength 6 foot 1 inch Tiger who himself only weighs 185 pounds can lift 315 pounds on the bench press.

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