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Scot Mendelson | Bench Press, Pec Tear, Height and More

Who is Scot Mendelson?

Scot Mendelson (Scott Mendelson or “Mendy”) is an American powerlifter, armwrestler and world renown bench press master. He once held the all-time world record for a raw unequipped bench press with an 1,031 pound (468 kg) bench press.

Although retired from the sport of powerlifting, Scot Mendelson currently runs his own gym called Mendy’s Gym.

Scot Mendelsen was born in Brooklyn, New York on February 21st, 1969. Before getting into strength training, Scot Mendelson was passionate about sports such as baseball, American football and other athletic activities.

However, after discovering strength training after a brief stint in jail at the age of 14. From there he quickly moved over to wrestling and boxing in his early teens. This eventually led him to become a bodybuilder, and finally move over to become powerlifter.

Scot Mendelson Powerlifting

After his stint in bodybuilding, Scot Mendelson found his call in powerlifting.

In as early as October 12th 2002, Scot Mendelson set his first all time raw world record bench press of 701 pounds (318 kg) completely unequipped for the heavyweight class while he himself weighed 308 pounds.

However, he would take a complete open record (no weight class) for bench press on February 8th 2003, when he pressed 713 pounds (323.4 kg) – taking the record off Big James Henderson which was held for 5 years.

Later Scot Mendelson moved into equipped territory where at the time of writing this he still holds the World Powerlifting Congress bench press world record of 1025.15 pounds (465 kg).

Throughout the entirety of his career, Mendelson was a three-time nation and four-time national champion of the Bench Press.

Scot Mendelson has broken a total of over 60 world records during his career.

Scot Mendelson Bench Press

Scot Mendelson Bench Press

Scot Mendelson is famous for his incredible bench presses, below are some of his more notable records:

Scot Mendelson Powerlifting Bench Press Competition Records:

These are figures recorded from Scot’s bench press at official Powerlifting meets:

  • Raw Bench press – 701.1 lbs (318.0 kg) @308 lb class raw with only wrist wraps and a belt (APC 2002)
  • Raw Bench press – 715.0 lbs (324.3 kg) @SHW class raw with only wrist wraps and a belt (Atlantis 2005)
  • Equipped Bench press – 1030.7 lbs (467.5 kg) @275 lb class (APF 2008)
  • Equipped Bench press – 1025.1 lbs (465.0 kg) @SHW class (APF/WPC 2008)

Scot Mendelson Powerlifting Gym Records (unofficial):

These are stats that Scot has claimed to have lifted in the gym outside of a meet:

  • Equipped Bench Press – 1201 lbs
  • Raw Bench Press: 650 lbs for 8 repetitions

We are inclined to believe that Scot Mendelson lifted these weights. He’s an elite-level powerlifter and already holds records in bench press – he doesn’t have much left to prove.

That said, he is back in the gym and pushing for another 1200 lbs at the moment:

Scot Mendelson Pec Tear

Setting these incredible records in the bench press was not without injury. On one of the occasions breaking a world bench press record, Scot endured a severe pec tear.

The pec tear was so brutal that photos of it went viral throughout the internet. His entire upper torso had run purple with damage. This was maybe one of the most iconic pictures of a lifting injury to go viral. It was in weightlifting forums across the internet for a while and maybe one of the most graphic depictions of a pec tear recorded.

When talking about the pec tear on Reddit, Mendelson claims the damage took a year to recover and didn’t undergo any surgery during the process. He also claims “You don’t realize til you hurt yourself, everything you do is pec related.”

Scot Mendelson Pec Tear

Scot Mendelson Height

Scot Mendelson is 5 ft 11 inches in height (180 cm or 1.80 m), in his active years of training he weighed anywhere between 270 to 360 pounds.

Scot Mendelson Wife: Maricelle Garcia-Mendelson

Scot Mendelson’s wife is Maricelle Garcia-Mendelson who is just as active as her husband. Maricelle is a world champion powerlifter, Kung Fu practicant and martial arts champion.

Together, her and Scot have three children, two daughters and a son.

What we love about Scot’s wife is that it’s clear that she was 100% in on his powerlifting career. While researching this article, we came across this video of the two of them before a big lift – and there’s not many partners that would do this:

If you’ve ever competed, you’ll know how anxious those moments are before a lift and you really need that push to get into the zone. It’s good that Marcielle Garcia-Mendelson was there to help him push through.

Scot Mendelson Gym: Mendy’s Gym

Scot Mendelson’s gym, Mendy’s Gym, is based in Los Angeles, California.

The full address is:

Mendy’s Gym
6371 Van Nuys Blvd
Van Nuys

If you’re in the area, you should definitely check it out.

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