How much does Luke Voit Bench Press?

How much does Luke Voit Bench Press?

How much does Luke Voit Bench Press?

Luke Voit can bench press 365 pounds. Luke Voit can also bench press 135 pounds with one arm.

Looking more like a NFL linebacker than a baseball player Super strong Luke Voit uses his awesome power to hit home runs for fun for the New York Yankees. As well as impressive squat and one armed bench press stats, Luke Voit can bench press a more traditional barbell load of 365 pounds putting him up there with some of the strongest.

What other impressive strength stats does Luke Voit hold?

As well as his inspiring 365 pound barbell bench press, 6 foot 3 Luke Voit is crazily successful at a one handed bench press being able to lift 135 pounds with just one hand. This 225 pound superstar can also squat over 500 pounds although is quoted as saying he prefers deadlifts and leg press to squats.

How much can Luke Voit Bench press on video?

This amazing Video was published by cut 4 on Twitter in September 2018 which shows the yankees player lifting a 135 pound barbell bench press with only 1 hand.

If you think about it this is exceptionally hard to do, unlike a dumbbell bench press the weight isn’t balanced and so you’re not only lifting the load but also fighting gravity to keep it stable. That’s an amazing feat of strength and determination right there.

How does Luke Voit maintain his strength?

Luke Voit has combined cardio sessions, typically long runs and pretty much cut out the carbs and the snacking to drop some pounds to increase his agility before the 2020 season restarts. He has maintained his strength by keeping up with his strength training and adding a session of heavy lifting pre running. He’s hoping to stake his place as the first base for the New York Yankees this season with a combination of being both super strong and seriously agile.

What is Luke Voit’s workout routine?

Luke says he concentrates on his upper Body on a Monday, Lower body on a Tuesday and then Cardio on a Wednesday. He follows this up with a full body workout on a Thursday and Friday, spending around two to two and a half hours each time in the gym.

He likes to lift heavy and work out to his pull potential and then some, combining box jumps for plyometric strength with tyre pulls as well as traditional bench press, deadlifts and leg press. Luke Voit is also seen in footage on his instagram page using a sledgehammer and driving it in to a tractor tyre to strengthen that amazing upper body. He also ties a dumbbell around his waist before completing pull-ups to add difficulty to this already 225 pound body weight exercise.

How much can Luke Voit Bench Press overall?

The answer is 365 pounds, two handed with a barbell and 135 pounds single handed with a barbell. He maintains this ability by strength training 4 day a week and adding in some crazy sledge hammer workouts.

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