How much does Ezekiel Elliott Bench Press?

How much does Ezekiel Elliott Bench Press?

How much does Ezekiel Elliott Bench Press?

Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott is reportedly one of the strongest guys in football and a sensation on the field. However his bench press record is unknown as there are no records of the running back participating in the bench press test at the NFL Combine which is traditionally used to measure a players lift. As there are no records of Ezekiel Elliott taking part in this aspect we cannot speculate as to how much Ezekiel Elliott can bench press.

How did Ezekiel Elliott do in the NFL Combine without bench press?

Ezekiel Elliott took part in very little in either the NFL combine or the pro day with most of his stats registered as not completed. He did take register a fantastic 4.47 seconds on the 40 yard dash with a speed of 18.3 miles per hour and could manage 10 yards in 1.58 seconds.

Adding his speed in the dash with his 32.5 inches on the vertical jump test its clear his agility and speed speaks for itself and this maybe how he got picked up by the cowboys without completing the majority of the test. Or it could be that as he finished the 2018 season with 1434 rushing yards, six rushing touchdowns, 567 receiving yards, 3 receiving touchdowns and 77 receptions his results spoke for themselves with no need for the combine.

Who is Ezekiel Elliott?

This Illinois native born in 1995 went on to become one of Dallas Cowboys best running backs, by then standing at 6 feet tall and weighing around 228 pounds, he certainly made his presence known on the football field.

Known for being both sporty and academic during his schooling at John Burrows in Missouri he was a 3 sports star, playing basketball and baseball and football for the school as well as excelling in track no doubt due to his athletic genes handed down from his mother Dawn Huff who was a track star for Missouri university and his father who was a linebacker at the same university. His maternal grandfather also played basketball for Duke university.

What is Ezekiel Elliott typical workout?

Ezekiel Elliott doesn’t do the same workout twice, keeping his workout changing to keep his muscle guessing seems to be the secret behind his super strength. Here’s some of the exercises he completes.

Frog Plank – completing shoulder and leg presses on the frog trainer machine holding yourself suspending pressing shoulders and legs for 30 seconds at a time before contracting back to your core sounds like a 2 for 1 upper and lower body workout.

Stone toss – throwing a 50 pound stone over your shoulder and chasing it then picking it up and bringing it back to the start to go again, working the shoulders arms and core.
He also completes boxing punch drills and cycling workouts to keep him in tip top condition.

Summary: How much does Ezekiel Elliott bench press?

To date we just don’t know, there are no records of Ezekiel Elliott participating in the bench press which have made it in to the public domain.

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