How much do bench press bars weigh

How much do bench press bars weigh?

How much do bench press bars weigh?

Standard bench press bars weight 45 pounds (20.4 kilograms). In addition, bench press bars are seven feet long and typically made entirely of metal.

To work out how much weight you are lifting while benching, you should add up the total of the plates on the bar and then add an additional 45 lbs to that number to find out how much your bench press lift on the bar actually weighs.

What do bench press bars and other bars weigh?

There are numerous other bars that you can find in the gym, aside from bench press bars and they all weigh differently.

Here, we’ll be giving you a quick guide to the main bars that you come across in the gym and the weights that they typically are.

  • Straight Barbell / Bench Press Bar

The typical bench press bar weighs 45 pounds, or approximately 20 kilograms and is seven foot in length.

They usually have a knurled handles which can help you to grip it better. It is a good option for powerlifting and olympic lifting.

  • EZ Curl Bars

These bars aren’t typically used for bench press and are a lot shorter than the standard straight barbell.

EZ curl bars are around 4 foot long and usually weighs around 22 pounds (or 10 kilograms).

These bars again typically have knurled handles and have a zig-zag shape for the bar. They’re ideal for avoiding risk pain when performing bicep curls, and are also great for tricep skull crushers and military presses.

They weigh far less than bench press bars.

  • Safety Squat Bars

Safety squat bars weigh the same weight as bench press bars. Although they are shaped differently, safety squat bars are still 45 pounds (or 20 kilograms).

You can’t bench press with a safety squat bar though. It is specially made to help with squatting by removing the need to put your arms behind the bar to hold it.

It has two handles that go past your neck that allows you to grab it and achieve a squat a lot easier.

It is the same weight as a bench press bar.

What is the weight of a typical bench press bar?

In conclusion the standard bench press bar that you usually find in the gym weighs 45 pounds which is just over 20 kilograms. It is seven feet in length and an ideal choice for powerlifting, Olympic lifting and most heavy barbell work that you may do in the gym such as deadlifting, squats and more.

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