How often to bench press?

How often to Bench Press?

How often to Bench Press?

According to studies, practicing bench press three times a week can see significant improvements to your lifts, as opposed to benching once a week.

Many best bench press results depend on the frequency or amount of training. Many people are not aware of the best bench press frequency that is enough to give them the desired result. The major thing is not to waste energy and not overdo it.

In this article, we explore how often you should be bench press for both strength and muscle gain to help you on your bench pressing journey.

How often to Bench Press for Strength

If you want to bench press for strength, it shows you want to maximize the growth process in a specific period like a week or a month. How often you bench press for strength is dependent on what you want to achieve.

Bench press is a complex skill, but many people do not realize this. The movements in bench press are skills that need fine-tuning for people to get their desired result. When we understand what bench press entails and recognize its complexities, it will help us think of the frequency.
Bench Press can be improved when done once a week, and this might be possible without you benching at all.

But bench press works best when done two times or more times every week. There’s plenty of research to support this, and there are proven results to show that it works.

When you want to gain strength through bench press, and you already put a few basic training principles, including variation, overload, and technique into consideration, you will gain strength at the end.

These approaches mentioned above, which are of different types, will help you get stronger if you are benching once or several times a week. Remember that you’re adjusting the weight to work with your strength increases every week, not matter how small. Let us look at the proof that shows that bench press frequency determines one’s strength.

For example, published research in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research in 2000 [1] shows that people that train once a week improved by ten percent in 12 weeks, while those that trained three times a week improved by 27% while using different instruments for their bench press.

How often to Bench Press for Muscle Gain

Muscle gain by bench pressing depends on different factors. Diet, sleep, and body mass is the few things that determine the growth that results from bench press.

A couple of research has shown that bench press, when done more frequently, gives better lean muscle results.

One of these studies was published in 2007 in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, whereby one group that trained twice a week saw 22% improvement, and the other group trained for three times a week recorded 30% improvement for the six weeks.

Another one was in 2019 in the same Journal, whereby different groups trained five times a week using different training programs (total body workout and split workout) for eight weeks. Each group experienced a significant increase in muscle thickness and lean muscle mass.

So, how often should you bench press?

From the studies discussed, we can conclude that bench press responds better when training is done frequently – potentially as high as 3 times a week. If you want to gain weight or muscle through muscle press, increasing your training frequency will do the trick.

The research shows that with increased training frequencies, an increase in strength also means an increase in muscle. Everyone responds differently to training frequencies at the end of it all, and this is left for the trainer to decide.

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