Decline Bench Press

The decline bench press is a variation of the standard bench press. The difference is, that you perform the decline bench press with the bench at an approx 30 degree decline. This puts more emphasis on your lower chest muscles and triceps. The decline bench press is usually performed after the bench press or incline bench press. This variation of the bench, can be done with both dumbells or a barbell.

How to perform the decline bench press

Set your bench up so that you have it at approximately a 30 degree decline. It doesn't matter if it's a bit higher, but don't want to go any lower than that. When you bench press on an decline bench, you want the bar to hit your lower chest, so make sure the bench is in position. (you can make sure by lying on the bench and just pressing the bar until you get the right position)

decline bench press start
Decline bench press whown here with smith machine

Lie face up on the bench, with your feet firmly set on the floor and your head resting on the back of the bench. Grip the bar with your arms just over shoulder width apart. Keep your wrists stright. Gently lower the bar down to your lower chest, pause, and push the bar back up. Don't lock your elbows at the top of the exercise.

decline bench press finish

Decline Bench press tips and safety advice

  1. When you're reaching your maximum load on the decline bench press, use a spotter! Because of the decline bench press angle, you can do yourself a lot of harm if you drop the weight.
  2. As you start using heavier weights with the decline bench press the setup will feel increasingly awkward. Don't worry this is normal. If you're unstable, use a spotter.