Increase Bench Press

increase that bench lady! Increase bench press! Here are some tips to help you increase your bench press. It's not easy to increase bench press, especially if you're at a plateau stage. You must stay positive in the mind, and motivated to increase your bench press. These tips are used by professional benchers to increase their bench press.

Different ways of increasing your bench press work with differnet people, and different body types. The best way for you to increase bench press is try some of these tips and find out what works best for you. Good luck, stay strong, increase your bench press!

Tips to Increase Your Bench Press:

Shock your body to increase your bench!
To increase bench press, you may need to change you routine. You body tends to get used to doing the same exercises, on the same day, with the same weight, every workout. Your muscles may need to be shocked! Try switching from the barbell bench press, to the dumbell bench press, and back again. You could try swapping days of the week. Mix it up a little bit!

Power Up Your Triceps
You triceps play a big part in the bench press. If you want to increase bench press, train your triceps hard each week! Lift heavy weights on dumbells or on a barbell rather that cables. Keep your reps down and the weight up, and stick to correct technique. Your tricep workout should be two to three days apart from your bench press workout. Building tricep strengh is one of the most effective ways to increase bench press.

increase bench press by working tricepsincrease bench press by strengthening tricepsincrease your bench press by working triceps
Build big triceps to increase your bench press!

Do the close grip bench press
The close grip bench press plays a HUGE roll in increasing your bench press. You can lift MAXIMUM heavy weavy weights, and train with a spotter to really hit your triceps hard during your workout. Do at lease 5 sets with heavey weights! You'll notice the difference!

Squeeze That Bar
Just before you lift the bar off, squeeze the bar as if you're trying to crush it! This tightens your whole upper body and prepares you for the heavy weight. Keep the grip tight until you finish the set.

Don't Overtrain
Training in loads of sets, 6 times a week does not equal increase bench press! Stick to benching once a week. Never start a bench press workout if your chest muscles are still sore from the last one. This will do your muscles more damage than good. You should train your chest muscles with at least 4 different exercises to train them fully.

Always Make Sure You Warm-up
The key is to be warmed up, but not too warmed up. You want to have 100% strength when you start your bench press session. Also, you can avoid serious injuries to your shoulers, chest and arms.

Make the bench bress your FIRST exercise
Are you doing other exercises before you bench? Don't. Make the bench your first, biggest exercise. If you want to increase bench press you must make it your number one priority!

You know the saying "eat big to get big", well it's true to increase bench press as well! If you're already on a bulk building diet, and your weight is increasing, chances are so are your strength and bench! Make sure your body has plenty of protein, complex carbohydrates, water and vitamins every day.

Train MENTALLY As Well As Physically
Are you stuck on that weight physically or mentally? You have to fire yourself up for a big lift, or big set. Don't get stuck in that phase where you're only benching what you're comfortable with. Take a few seconds before the lift, think big, think increase bench press!

Use Supplements
Bodybuilding supplements are just that, spuulements. They supplement your diet. If you can get the protein, energy and carbs from your diet then good, but if you can't, use supplements. Protein supplements usually offer an advantage over eating protein, it is absorbed quicker into your body. A protein/carb shake after your big bench workout helps your muscles repair and rebuild. Bigger muscles = increase bench press!

increase bench press supplements
Protein, Creatine & Glutamine
Bench Press Supplements
Keep your feet on the floor
Always keep your feet firmly fixed to the floor, do not move them until you have finished your set. You want to try and create a stable foundation throughout the whole set.

Squeeze Those Lats
The lats play a bigger role in increasing your bench press than most people give them credit for! By increasing the strength of your lats you can increase bench press. When benching squeeze your lats as if your were pushing the bar with them, keep them tight and flexed for the whole movement.

Get plenty of rest and sleep
Increasing your bench press is not all about the bench press. You need to rest! Your muscles grow the most when you're asleep. You need to give your muscles the rest they need by getting as much sleep as possible. To increase bench press to your full potential, look for around 9 hours of sleep per night. Try keep other physical activity to a minimum as well.

Ease up on your cardio workouts
Cardio work is an essential part of any weight training routine. But if you want to increase bench press you need to keep your cardio work to a minimum. Only do one of two days of cardio per week. Excess cardio work will rob your chest muscles of the nutrients they need to increase your bench press.